August 6, 2019

The lego block sorter is a compact machine that sorts 3x2 lego blocks per color. The machine can distinguish and sort 5 colors (blue, green, yellow, red and white). The lego block sorter consists of 3 large parts; the conveyor belt with color sensor ("transports" the blocks), the crane (moves the blocks to the right box) and the boxes themselves (where the blocks end up per color). The process goes as follows; the block is placed in the yellow container and slides on the conveyor belt, the color sensor scans and remembers the color, the tap then grabs the blocks and releases it above the correct box.

The blocks cannot all be placed one after the other on the conveyor belt because the color sensor is too far away from the crane and thus cannot distinguish and sort all the blocks.

Click here to download the program. Click on the download icon to view the program. 

Click here for the building instructions.

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