June 4, 2020

In this series of the 7 in 1 car you will find a basic car and 7 different attachments. You will find additional information with each attachment. I think with a little experience and a few minor adjustments you can recreate this basic car and possibly a few attachments with the Lego Mindstorms Ev3 basic set (and extension set).

Here you already have the building instructions.

The basic car

This car is the basis of an upcoming series. A medium motor is mounted at the back. You can put different attachments on it. The car is driven with tracks and is controllable with the app "EV3 PadPlus Remote".  In total there are 7 attachments.

The stand-up car

This first attachment is a powerful arm. When the vehicle has to overcome a high obstacle, it can use that arm. Even when it falls over, it is possible to correct itself.

The tow truck

This second attachment is a rollable rope. The car can pull other vehicles to more than its own weight. The rope itself is about 60 centimeters long.

The grab truck

This third attachment is a simple gripping arm. He takes an object, moves it and releases it. It is not difficult.

The forklift truck

This fourth attachment is a forklift truck. The fork can lift pallets, wheels, .... To go up and down there is a rope attached to the fork and the motor. The fork can reach a height of exactly 18 centimeters. To prevent the goods from sliding off the fork, I attached 2 rubber bands.

The crane truck

This fifth attachment is a mini crane, even more, a mini crane on wheels. The rope is mounted in front with a reason. When I install it at the back, the crane falls down due to the weight on the rope, not at the front. The hoisting becomes even easier because it has two ropes, distributes the weight over those two ropes. You can also search the theory on the internet.

The lawn mower

This penultimate attachment is just a simple extra. The gears are on the one hand for the distance to bridge and on the other hand for the speed. In other words, it worked out well. If you want to use it in real life you can attach different blades.

The trailer

This last attachment is a cart with a loading platform that can be raised and lowered. The cart is attached to the base car with a special part. This piece ensures that the cart can move smoothly in all directions.

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