April 14, 2020

The wood block sorter sorts wooden (kapla) blocks by color (black, blue, green, yellow, red and white). The machine consists of the EV3 brick, 2 large motors, 1 medium motor and a color sensor. You start by placing the blocks in the provided bin. When you press the button, the machine starts. First, the color sensor scans the next block, then a bar slides it to another compartment. The box rotates to the correct position and the gears slide it to the correct side. When the color sensor no longer detects blocks, the machine stops and waits for new blocks to enter the box.

Click here to download the program. Click on the download icon to view the program.

Click here for the building instructions. You need Lego Digital Designer. Click in the top right on "building guide mode" or press "F7".

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